How to get Followers on TikTok in 2023?-12 Pro Tips

How to get Followers on TikTok in 2023?-12 Pro Tips


Are you still looking for "How to get followers on TikTok" and hoping to get more followers on TikTok? You are in the correct spot. We'll show you how to get followers on TikTok using both free and paid methods in this article.

TikTok, with over 1 billion active users, is one of the most powerful platforms for business growth. It's also a great place for producers. Many experts believe that getting TikTok followers, TikTok likes and TikTok views is still easier than on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. You can get TikTok Followers, Likes and Views if you pay closer attention to the details of this Article.

TikTok is not a platform that has lately entered the competition with other social media platforms. Over a billion people utilize this vast social networking platform. As a result, TikTok influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity. It's time to start treating your TikTok presence seriously and developing your brand if you're looking to stand out and get compensated to work with brands you love and trust.

Here in this article, we'll demonstrate several methods that can help you get tiktok followers, Tiktok Likes and Views etc, and we'll also provide you with the solution to the question of “how to get followers on TikTok”?

How to Get followers on TikTok?

You must develop a significant presence on TikTok if you want to be successful there. Your brand will receive more attention when you have a wider audience, which will help you raise brand awareness, improve sales, and create strong bonds with your target market.

TikTok popularity increases with the number of followers, likes, and views. Your follower count on TikTok is one of the most crucial statistics. It not only demonstrates how many people are interested in your work, but also your influence and scope. So, without further ado, let's explore how to get Followers on TikTok.

In 2023, you can increase your TikTok followers in several ways:

  1. Know Your Audience
  2. Create a Plan
  3. Clarify Your Point
  4. Be Specific with your content
  5. Utilize Popular Music
  6. Make in your World
  7. Add a Powerful CTA (Call-To-Action)
  8. Utilize Small Details
  9. Create Rewatchable Video Content
  10. Apply and Use Popular Hashtags
  11. Stay Consistent
  12. Get in Touch With Other TikTokers                           

1. Know Your Audience

Determine who your target audience is. If you use TikTok for fun, people of your age who share your sense of humour or interests are probably your target market. Think about your interests and the types of content you would find interesting. You might share the same target audience if other well-known TikTok users post similar content. Use the same tactics as your favourite TikTok users or target the followers of complementary accounts!

Your target audience on TikTok should be the same as your audiences on your other social media platforms if you are a brand advertising there. A female clothing company might, as part of their typical marketing strategy, target women and girls who are interested in purchasing their clothing. Try to make TikTok content that would be interesting to the users in your business' target demographic!

Although TikTok has a younger audience, it also has users of all ages. However, TikTok is a fantastic platform for users who are teens and young adults if your brand wants to connect with them. Since 41% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24, brands aiming at that demographic can profit from advertising on this platform.

2. Create a Plan

Make sure you have a strategy in place while you're considering how to get more followers on TikTok. A plan in this context refers to a detailed plan that you create before beginning. Try to consistently produce content within a specific area. When it comes to subjects, consistency is extremely important. For a certain type of content, try to become well-known on TikTok.

Along with making you appear more professional, doing this greatly simplifies the process of focusing on a specific audience and building popularity among a sizable number of them. Try to enhance any mini cooking videos you have already published rather than creating a completely different type of video if you have already posted any.

3. Clarify Your Point

A quick social media is TikTok. Even if your video is already on their FYP, you have a very limited amount of time to draw viewers to it. They watch your video if they're intrigued. If not, they will scroll further down to see other posts. You should establish your main point at the beginning of your video or post description if you want to attract TikTok followers in your niche. In this manner, you quickly draw in individuals who share your interests.

 In addition, how long people watch your video is important. But this is connected to how long your video is. It is more likely that viewers will stick with your video through to the end if you establish your point early on. Consequently, a larger proportion of TikTok likes will see your video as a result.

4. Be Specific with your content

Tiktok uses the ratio of watch time to video length to determine how popular a video is. Don't assume that making lengthy videos will automatically increase their average watch time. On the contrary, you are more likely to gain TikTok followers the longer your video is watched. So, try to be as specific as you can while making your content. Avoid telling stories and just stick to the main points unless you are giving instructions that must be detailed.

5. Utilize popular music

On TikTok, dance videos and voiceovers are very well-known. However, almost all videos allow for the use of TikTok songs. Utilizing background music subconsciously increases the popularity of your videos among active TikTok users. Therefore, one of the main solutions to the question of how to get followers on TikTok is to post songs that are currently popular.

6. Make in Your World

Not everybody can dance. You don't need to perform tasks you're not skilled at to get TikTok followers, TikTok Views and TikTok Likes. Your chances of going viral are decreased by this. Each of us is an expert in certain things. though. The trick is to use them in inventive ways.

TikTok is a fun video-based platform, no doubt about it. Who, however, said that learning couldn't be enjoyable? On TikTok, people enjoy picking up new skills. Try to find innovative and instructive ways to share what you are good at. For instance, you could produce educational woodworking videos and instruct people on how to complete straightforward tasks on their own. If not, you might just make engaging videos of your work.

7. Add a Powerful CTA (Call-To-Action)

People frequently discuss about how to get Followers on TikTok or How to get TikTok follower when discussing what you need to do to get your video seen. However, converting viewers into followers is one of the crucial components. You might have a million followers if your video receives a million views. One of the things that helps you get TikTok followers instantly is a strong CTA or call to action.

Let's quickly go over a CTA's definition. When viewers watch all the way through your video, it means they were interested in what you had to say. It's time for you to give them a task now. Therefore, a CTA is a step you ask a TikTok user to take after viewing your post. The idea is to entice the audience to check out more of what you have to offer.

For instance, instruct them to view earlier videos on the subject to learn more. Alternately, you could pose a query and ask for a response in the comments. CTAs will naturally draw viewers to your page, where you can pick up TikTok followers in your niche. You can also add short phrases to your post description, like "Follow for more."

8. Use Small or Minute Details

Consider that you are selling short cooking shows. It is always beneficial to talk about unrelated or private topics in the middle of your video. You could, for instance, make a brief complaint about one of your bad life habits or discuss your daily schedule. People enjoy making comments on topics like this.

When attempting to increase interaction with your TikTok followers, this random information may be useful. Think about these easy tricks when you're trying to figure out how to get more followers on TikTok. Detail and accuracy are what set one work apart from another. You will gain more TikTok followers, TikTok views and Tiktok likes the more you engage your audience in what you do.

9. Create Rewatchable Video Content

Being rewatched is one of the best things you can do for the reputation of your video. Making your video in such a way that it requires repeated viewing makes sense. Try to be precise, for instance, when giving instructions in your videos. Make your video brief and practical and avoid making up any details. People must rewatch it to understand everything.

Additionally, if you are telling a joke, make sure the punch line is solid and worth repeating. So, the secret ofhow to get followers on TikTok is to make your video popular and create rewatchable videos to get more engagement and visibility.

10. Apply and use Popular Hashtags

The most important aspect of your video description on TikTok is likely its hashtags. Hashtags for TikTok are a simple way to gain popularity. One of the most effective ways to attract a sizable number of TikTok followers to your page is with a clever hashtag combination. But make sure the hashtags you use on TikTok are relevant to your industry.

For a while, generic TikTok hashtags might work. However, they won't be effective for very long. Additionally, using general hashtags beneath your posts may make you appear unprofessional. Use your hashtag combination to demonstrate that you are an expert in what you are doing. Using hashtags to ask for followers on TikTok is ineffective. If you're wondering how to instantly gain followers on TikTok, use trending hashtags on the app. 

11. Stay Consistent

You must be consistent if you want to become popular on any social media platform. The best approach is to be aware of the best timing and to know when to post on TikTok. To attract TikTok users, you must be aware of their preferred timing. Posting on a weekday during the times when people are most likely to be at work is not a good idea. In this manner, you waste your content even if you have considered all the other factors.

Additionally, it's crucial to post frequently on TikTok. Of course, the frequency does not suggest excessive sharing. So, be sure to post as frequently as you can while maintaining quality.

12. Get in touch with other Tiktokers

You must always keep in mind that TikTok is a social media platform. The social term implies that to attract more attention for yourself, you must interact with others. Look for original ways to interact with other TikTokers who are into your niche. You can utilize TikTok's stitch and duet features, for example. Additionally, you can participate in various TikTok challenges since they are popular on the platform.

 You should be aware of other people's interests if you want to increase your TikTok following. Take the challenges, though, considering the topic of your page. When interacting with other TikTok users, try to be as on point as you can.

How to get more followers on TikTok Quickly?

If you are establishing yourself as an influencer or your business and don't have enough time to grow your TikTok account and are still wondering how to get more followers on TikTok, don't worry because The-Owlet is here to help. The-Owlet is a Cheap SMM and SEO service Provider and Reseller Website. Therefore, The-owlet is the perfect place to buy TikTok Followers if you want to swiftly increase the number of followers, likes, and views on your TikTok account.

The-Owlet are experts in online marketing and offer a full range of results-driven social media marketing services that support the expansion of your online presence. The-Owlet is an SMM Panel that offers SEO and SMM Services at the most affordable prices. The-Owlet can therefore assist you in attaining this goal in a short amount of time if you're in a rush and want to get Tiktok Followers quickly.

How to buy TikTok Followers or how to get TikTok Followers on The-Owlet is now the most pressing concern on everyone's mind. Below, we've provided the answer to this query. You can follow the instructions given below to get TikTok followers, likes, and views quickly.

1. Create Account

The first step is to sign up for an account on the website by entering some basic details such as your first and last names, email address, and passwords, etc. Follow the instructions in the mail for signing into your account after registering yourself.

2. Add Funds

Select the Payment Method under the Fund section, then enter the amount you wish to add to your Fund to purchase SMM services. 

3. Select the TikTok Followers Option 

Select the TikTok Followers option from the Category option in the new order part, enter the link to your TikTok account in the Link Section, enter the Quantity (the number of TikTok Followers you want for your account), and then click the Submit button.

The number of followers on your TikTok account will then increase, which you can see by visiting the account. Similarly, by following these Steps, you can buy TikTok Likes and TikTok Views.

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4 helpful tips for building a successful online business

With the internet becoming more popular, it is no surprise that business owners are trying to give their businesses an online presence. We live in a world where everything is interconnected. The internet, along with smartphones, has changed the business scene forever. An online business is any business that reaches the world by leveraging the power of the internet. According to Australia’s Northern Territory Government, an online business is any business activity that happens over the internet. Running an online business can include buying and selling online or providing an online service.


However, no matter how well-intentioned an entrepreneur may be, they may lack a true understanding of what it takes to succeed in business. If you are thinking of saying sayonara to your office job and building a competent online business, here are four top tips to keep in mind.

4 helpful tips for building a successful online business 

 Choose the right platforms for your brand and stick to them
 Expand your presence to more than just your website
 Customer service is still important
 Use content creation to impress


Choose the right platforms for your brand and stick to them; Your online business does not have to be on every platform out there, just the ones that are right for your brand. Choose social media platforms that align with your brand and use them. For example, if you buy and sell sneakers online, creating a YouTube and LinkedIn might not be the best marketing strategy for your business. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook would work better for a sneaker. It is smarter to focus your content marketing efforts on the latter platforms.


Expand your presence to more than just your website; Your online business must have a professional-looking website. Try to appear on other platforms, and this could help drive attention back to your website and business. Make appearances on relevant webcasts, podcasts, webinars, and conferences to promote your business. You can write guest blog articles that link back to your business to gain more traction.


Customer service is still important; You must set out to give your customers the best possible experience even if your business is online. Respond to their queries quickly, politely, and with empathy. Show them that their feedback is important. These little gestures can help you win over a customer. 


Use content creation to impress; You have to use content to communicate about your online business, but don’t just make any content. Make remarkable content. Engaging/exciting content is one of the easiest ways to draw attention to your brand. Exceptional content will drive key metrics like engagement, likes, followers, and leads. If you have a good content marketing strategy, you can turn these metrics into revenue.



Are you feeling like social media marketing is not helping your brand grow? Maybe you are not seeing the returns you would like from this powerful communications tool. Let our talented team at The Owlet help. We know what it takes to make your brand stand out and how to target your ideal customers. If you are ready to grow online, click here to get started.


The Owlet has helped hundreds of businesses around the globe grow their online presence. We are one of the most trusted social media marketing agencies available. We offer a wide variety of services, including social media management, audience growth, and engagement solutions. From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter management, content creation and distribution, influencer, and affiliate marketing. We can help your business grow.


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5 Social Media Trends of 2022 So Far

Social media has become important to many individuals over the last three or four years. It is no surprise that marketers and businesses run to social platforms to connect with their target customers. However, there is a lot of content on social media. The competition is very high, and it can be challenging for you to stand out unless you have a spectacular and smart social media marketing strategy. Staying updated on the latest social media trends can help fuel your strategy and make you stand out in the crowd. What worked in 2021 may not get you as far in 2022. To help you and your team stay ahead of the curve, here are a few trends to set your sights on in the coming year.

5 Social Media Trends of 2022 So Far

● TikTok continues to forge ahead

● Video content gains appreciation

● Influencer marketing continues to gain ground

● User-generated content continues to be popular

● Instagram and Twitter continue to lead social commerce

TikTok continues to forge ahead; TikTok and its videos are becoming more popular for businesses trying to reach a wider audience. It has also launched some useful tools, like ads and business profiles, aimed specifically at businesses. There is no stopping TikTok’s ascent.

Video content gains appreciation; Video content is arguably the most engaging form of content. With the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, video content was king in 2021 and so far in 2022. People love to watch what’s happening and feel closer to the action. This trend will continue for the rest of the year.

Influencer marketing continues to gain ground; More and more, businesses continue to collaborate with influencers to market their products. Influencers can help marketers achieve different marketing goals and not just generate leads. Some marketers even believe that influencer marketing is more effective than paid ads. Looking to jump on the influencer marketing bandwagon to boost your business and increase sales? Let The Owlet help you! Download the app today to get started.

User-generated content continues to be popular; UGC is not new, but more businesses are adopting it. Get your customers to send you videos of them unboxing and assembling your product. Use their testimonials about your product too (with their consent). There’s no better marketing content for your brand than this.

Instagram and Twitter continue to lead social commerce; In research by HubSpot, 70% of respondents indicated that they plan to increase their investment on Twitter. Another 63% planned to increase their spending on Instagram. To put this into perspective, only 49% of brands planned to increase their investment on Facebook. Instagram and Twitter are clear winners.

These are some trends that will dominate the social media landscape in 2022 and beyond. Take advantage of these trends to stay ahead of your competitors. If you are struggling to keep up with social media for your business, why don’t you leave it to us? With our world-class social media marketing services, The Owlet can help you grow your business and boost your revenues via social media today! Download the app and get started!

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How to get your business verified on Instagram

How to get your business verified on Instagram

What is an Instagram verification?

Instagram verification is simply an authentication or confirmation. It shows that a particular page belonging to a brand, celebrity, or business is authentic. Most social media platforms have verification badges. They are used to confirm that an account is trustworthy. It helps celebrities and global brands to stand out. Instagram verification also helps people that seek them out to know that this is their real page. A verification badge places a certain prestige on your business, and you can actually get it without being famous. Note that Instagram algorithms don’t particularly have any bias towards verified accounts. They simply post content that their audience likes!

How to get verified on Instagram

● Open your Instagram app and go to your profile

● Click on the three lines icon at the top right corner that looks like a hamburger

● Click on settings

● Click on account

● Click on request verification

You will have to fill out an application form with

● Your legal name

● Your “known as” or working name

You’ll then choose your category or industry (sports, news/media, business/brand/organization, blogger/influencer, etc.)

● A photo of your official government ID. This ID could be a driver’s license or passport for an individual. For a business, it could be a utility bill, an official business document, or tax filings.

Press send!

Instagram’s verification criteria

Instagram is pretty clear on its Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, and you must align with them. Your account must also be;

● Authentic; Your account must represent a real person, brand, or business entity.

● Unique; There must be only one verified account of that person on the platform, and that account must share the unique qualities of the business, brand, or person requesting the verification

● Public; The account must be visible to the public. Private accounts cannot request verification.

● Complete; Your profile must be complete. There must be a profile photo, a bio, and you must have at least one post up.

● Notable; Your account needs to be “well-known” and “well-searched for.”

Instagram’s verification usually takes about 30 days to come through. You might also be denied verification the first time, but don’t fret. After 30 days, you can reapply for it.

Get Social Marketing Services That Will Boost Your Small Business On Instagram

If you want to reach a wider audience on Instagram, you should sign up on The Owlet today. Download the App to get started with social media marketing services that will help boost/grow your business.

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What you need to know about email marketing and five easy steps to get you started

What you need to know about email marketing and five easy steps to get you started

Why email marketing?

Did you know that email marketing has an average ROI of $38 for every $1 spent? Email marketing may be one of the oldest, but it is still one of the best forms of online marketing. It is direct and allows you to convince a client to take a particular action. Using email marketing, you can get a lead to make a purchase, fill out a form, signup, and so much more with the right email marketing strategy. 92% of Internet users have at least one email account, so you have a wide range of leads. Email marketing allows you to perform marketing with a more personalized touch. You can perform A/B tests, analyze data, and use your results to improve your marketing efforts.

Five easy steps to get started on email marketing;

● Map out your goals

● Build an email list

● Create an email marketing strategy

● Choose an email marketing service provider

● Plan and execute your first campaign

Map out your goals; What do you want to achieve with your email marketing efforts? Do you want to sell more? Create more awareness? Increase revenue? Set your goals first, and every other thing will fall in accordance. Set benchmarks for success because they will give your email marketing a purpose. Subsequently, you can create new goals for new campaigns or around new ideas.

Build an email list; You need email accounts to market your products/services/brand to. Do you want our professional advice? Build an organic email list or risk being stuck in spam folders. Collect emails organically for better results. You can even add some of your contacts that you’d like to advertise to. Purchased or inorganically curated email lists tend to have a lot of email accounts, and they may not have any interest in what you are offering. It is better to get leads to opt-in for your messages. You can use newsletter signups and contact forms at different strategic points on your website to collect email info.

Create an email marketing strategy; How will your message be conveyed? How is your tone? Do you need to create different lists? What about images and design? You need your emails to look attractive to customers. Also, when will you send out these emails? These are the questions your email marketing strategy will help answer. Your email marketing strategy should outline your goals and a clear plan towards reaching those goals.

Choose an email marketing service provider; Find an email marketing service provider that will allow you to curate, design, and broadcast your emails. Look for the email marketing service provider that works for you. By 'works for you', we mean an email service provider that can help you achieve your goals. MailChimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, Drip, ConvertKit are just some of the many email marketing service providers you can use.

Plan and execute your first campaign; Plan your first campaign with your goals in mind. Use attractive templates (from your email marketing service provider) that reflect your brand. Create engaging content and use a clear/bold call-to-action to get them to take whatever action you want. Strongly consider your subject line as it is one of the first things that compels readers via emails. You can try different tricks like creating multiple lists and marketing to them differently. Analyze your open rate and conversion rate as these are the most important metrics to measure.

You should try email marketing to grow your business

Email marketing is affordable, simple, organic, and effective. It is an essential tool that small and big businesses can use to grow. If you find it tough to combine email marketing and running your business, you can find a marketing copywriter to assist you on! Download the app to find a professional to handle your email marketing!

Combine email marketing with social media marketing to see the best results for your business. Don’t forget that The Owlet offers the most effective social media marketing services that will help you grow your business and increase revenue. Download the app today and get started!

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10 amazing platforms that help you build your own website easily

The importance of a website for your business

To succeed in business in this digital age, you need a website. Without a website in this age where everything is online, you’ll miss out on opportunities and revenue. According to the Search Engine Journal, 93% of purchase decisions begin with a search engine search. Without a website, you are selling to only 7% of your available market.

A website also allows more people (home and abroad) to access your business and know what your brand is about. People all over the world can discover your business if you have a website. It is a low-cost marketing awareness/impression vehicle that validates your brand and gives your business authenticity. You can also use your website to employ different online marketing strategies to help your business grow.

10 amazing platforms that help you build your own website;

1. Wix

2. GoDaddy

3. Weebly

4. Squarespace

5. WordPress

6. Strikingly

7. About Me

8. Jimdo


10. Big Commerce

How to choose the best website builder (features)

Wix - Beginner friendly, easy to use, no coding knowledge required, affordable, great template designs, user-friendly, free (you can upgrade), arguably the best of the lot.

GoDaddy - Incredibly fast, easy to use, free (you can upgrade), affordable clean templates (Don’t use this if you have a big business with a lot of content).

Weebly - Easy to use, free (you can upgrade), offers e-commerce and blogging features, not-so-great designs.

Squarespace - No coding knowledge required, not easy to use but you can do it with time and patience, beautiful designs, and templates.

WordPress - Not the easiest to use out there, good blogging tool, nice features, content management systems, very affordable (use for blogs or written content-heavy websites).

Strikingly - User friendly, you can’t build complex websites, best for personal and not a business, very limited in features (use for a single page website).

About Me - Easy to use, create a simple landing page, best for personal and not business

Jimdo - Simple to create use, no coding knowledge required, can be optimized for mobile (use for your small business). - A bit complex, they have modern designs, one of the most used website builders worldwide.

Big Commerce - Incredibly useful commercial features, clean interface, easy to use, limited payment options.

Use website builders to create your own website and grow your business

These website builders are the perfect solution to create your own website without a developer. You can choose one to create a stunning website for yourself and your business. However, if you want to save time and energy, you can hire a web developer to help you build your website.

Visit or Download the app to find a developer!

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How to use social listening to grow and improve your business

How to use social listening to grow and improve your business

What is social listening?

Social listening or social media listening involves identifying what is being said about your brand, business, product, and industry online. It is the process of gathering and analyzing conversations about a brand or product. Social listening helps companies understand the conversation around their brand and the products or services they offer. With social listening, your business will derive valuable consumer data that you can use to measure brand awareness. It can also help you improve your products and services. Social listening helps you know how your current and prospective customers think about your brand.

How can I use social listening to grow my business?

There are different ways that social media listening can help you grow your business. Apart from its primary duty of breaking down what is being said about your brand, product, and services, you can use it to measure how effective your ad campaigns are. Social listening can help you gauge the performance of your marketing campaigns. It can also help you size up your competition and see where they are ahead. You can find out what customers think your competitors are doing better than your brand and improve your product. Using keywords and hashtags, you can use social media listening to identify industry trends and position your business at the forefront of those trends.

How do I get started on social media listening?

There are a few tools that can get you started with social listening. These tools can help you with brand monitoring. You will gain marketing insights from deep their social data. Examples of these social media listening tools are;

● Tweetdeck

● Buzz Sumo

● Google Alerts

● Hootsuite

● Sprout Social

● Google Analytics

● Social Mention

You should use social listening!

Social media listening can give you so much insight to make your business more efficient. It is very accurate at pinpointing the sentiments around your brand and its products or services. You can use social listening to close the gap between your brand and your customers. Social listening is about finding out what your customers and potential customers want from you and the best ways to address those needs.

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5 easy and effective ways to generate leads for your small business

5 easy and effective ways to generate leads for your small business

Straightforward lead generation tactics that will drive up your revenue

A lead is any person who shows organic interest in your goods and services. As a business owner, you should always be looking for ways to increase your leads. Lead generation is the process of increasing actionable customer interest in your product/service. More leads mean more business, and more business means more revenue. We curated some smart strategies to generate leads for your small business.

5 easy and effective ways to generate leads for your small business

● Use Google ads

● Optimize your online profile to be found locally

● Use inbound marketing

● Use paid social ads

● Network offline and online

Google Ads; Using Google Ads is a simple and effective way to get leads. With Google Ads, you can get your customers to purchase, sign up, and increase traffic to your website. You can set up lead-generating or traffic-generating campaigns with text/video/photo ads. It allows you to target and retarget prospective customers. You can also measure your efforts against the results to find room for improvement. This feature allows you to finetune things and get better results. According to HubSpot, 64.6% of people click on Google Ads when looking to buy an item online. Use Google Ads to capture your share of the online market.

Optimize your online profile to be found locally; Using another tool from Google, Google My Business, you can optimize your business profile to be found locally. It will help you generate more leads locally. If your business can supply the local demand, optimize your page on the GMB listing to be found by the local presence. A thoroughly-optimized Google My Business profile will help you rank in the local 3-pack. This position is the best place to be found on local searches.

Also, if you are trying to get seen locally, use The Owlette App. The Owlette is a digital marketplace that allows you to reach more people with your products/services than ever. Sign up today and start generating more leads for your business.

Use inbound marketing; Blogging, email marketing, and social media are three effective ways to generate leads for your business. Did you know that companies that blog 11 or more times monthly have almost three times more traffic than those that blog 0-1 time monthly? Also, businesses that blog 16 times per month get about 4.5 times more leads than those who blog 0-4 times. That is just incredible! Incorporate an inbound marketing strategy to generate more leads more your business. It is simple and very effective if done right.

Use paid social ads; With over 3.5 billion active social media worldwide, there are numerous lead-generating opportunities for your business. Ads remain one of the best ways of generating leads from social media because they have effective targeting features that give you precision with your relevant audience. You can target a demographic or location to get better results. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn all have sophisticated advertising features that allow you to generate more leads for your business.

Want to get started on social media ads? Sign up on The Owlet today! Download the app and sign up for our social media marketing services that will help you generate more leads and revenue for your business.

Network offline and offline; Join local business clubs and meetings offline and online. Attend seminars and webinars with your target audience. Network with your peers, and you might find some interesting leads for your business.

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10 easy ways to increase the visibility of your small business

10 easy ways to increase the visibility of your small business

With millions of small businesses cropping up in every corner of the world, gaining visibility for your business is more important than ever. Especially with the emergence of the internet, there are now many easy ways business owners get people to notice their brands. Catching people’s attention online is no piece of cake by the way. There is a lot of content on the internet, how do you get your target audience to notice you? We curated ten tips to increase the visibility of your business.

10 easy ways to increase the visibility of your small business

● Optimize your Google My Business profile

● Build a website

● Create engaging content

● Don’t forget to get on social media

● Pay attention to SEO

● Try influencer marketing

● Invest in seminars and webinars

● Partner up

● Guest blogging

● Paid ads + social ads

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Optimize your Google My Business profile; GMB is a listing service that helps people find your business through searches. This means that your business is visible to Google. Prospective customers can find, know, and engage you from the search engine result page with this free listing. Take your time to fill in ALL the info they (GMB) need to make your business seen. Also, consistently upload new photos and new reviews to keep the page looking fresh. Provide as much quality information about your business as possible and make it as accurate and thorough as possible.

Build a website; Every business should have its website. A website is your business’s online identity. Also, your website will be connected to your optimized Google My Business profile to give you visibility. If you cannot afford to pay for a quality website, build one yourself. Customers can find you, know about you, schedule appointments, and make purchases via your website. A website gives your business credibility and helps to amplify your business.

Use The Owlette; Looking to get more eyes on your business? Want to be more visible to prospective clients? The Owlette is a digital marketplace that allows you to buy and sell goods and services from anywhere in the world. The platform aims to connect business owners to prospective clients, and you can leverage the platform to get your business more visibility. Download The Owlette App today and get started.

Create engaging content; If there is anything we have learned in our experience as social media marketers, it is that good content gets seen. Create good, relevant, and engaging content for your brand. Do this across social media and other marketing channels. Create insightful and informative content that makes you the go-to resource in your industry. Produce engaging blog, social media, email marketing, photo, and video content to get noticed.

Don’t forget to get on social media; Leverage the power of social media to get seen by people. Businesses are using social media to build brand awareness, and they are getting seen by more people than ever. Brands build awareness on social media and try to create a community with their followers. However, social media is no joke. It requires extensive expertise to establish and grow a brand online. You can enlist the help of The Owlet to help create and execute a successful social media marketing strategy for your business. With our services, you can get more visibility on social media and increase your business revenue. Download The Owlet app and get our best social media marketing packages!

Pay attention to SEO; Search engine optimization is your best foot forward if you aim for long-term visibility online. A good SEO strategy will put you in the first SERP when people are looking for your type of goods and services. SEO helps more people find you through search engine questions and queries. Get an SEO professional to optimize your content and web pages. It will help you get more traction for your business.

Try influencer marketing; Influencer marketing involves a brand collaborating with an online influencer to market its products/services. Influencers have a huge following, and brands want to advertise their business to these followers. Puma recently signed a deal with Davido as a brand ambassador, and the idea is to use him for influencer marketing. The singer has been seen rocking Puma outfits, training gear, and other brand material. This is how influencer marketing works.

An influencer doesn’t have to be a celebrity. He/she can be a model, comedian, photographer, blogger, podcaster, or even writer. The idea is to collaborate with influencers that have built a target audience that will be interested in your product/services.

Want to use influencer marketing to get your business seen? The Owlet offers influencer marketing services and can help you get more visible. Download The Owlet app to get started.

Invest in seminars and webinars; There are two ways you can use seminars to gain visibility. First of all, you can sponsor seminars that your target audience will attend and have your products/services advertised to get noticed. You can also attend local events that will attract your target audience and market your products/services to them directly. There are now several networking events where you can promote your business. Your network will expand, and your business will get seen. You can also organize and host an event if you are up for it. Your brand will be up in the limelight and get to meet prospective clients (leads).

Partner up; Find a company that sells a complementary product and partner up. If you sell dumbbells, you can find a brand that sells sports apparel to partner with. Cross-promotion can help both parties to get seen by new audiences. You can promote their products on your channels while they promote yours via their channels. In the end, both businesses are getting seen.

Guest blogging; Guest blogging involves writing for another company’s blog/website. It is a great way to get your brand seen by relevant audiences. It helps to attract visitors back to your website and build domain authority. Guest posting also helps to increase brand awareness and build a great relationship with peer brands.

Paid ads + social ads; You need paid ads and good organic search results to be seen online. Google Ads remains one of the best forms of online advertising in terms of ROI. You can also combine it with social media ads to get seen by a wider audience. With Facebook, you can create highly-targeted ads that increase brand awareness and leads. LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter also offer advertising features. If you don't understand how to use paid/social ads to increase your brand’s visibility, The Owlet has got you covered. Download The Owlet app and let us make advertising as easy as possible for you!

These straightforward and practical tips will help you enhance your brand’s visibility. They will help you find and connect with your target market without blowing your budget. They are easy and effective.

You should always test your results to see which strategies work best for you. Set goals that can measure easily. You can continuously evaluate results against your goals and tweak your strategies for improved results.

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Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads

Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads

5 things you need to know (+ our expert opinion)

Sister brands Facebook and Instagram are very different in many ways, and this should be considered when drawing up a social media advertising strategy. If you have a social media advertising budget and you are struggling with resource allocation, here are a few things you need to know.

You can reach the maximum number of people on Facebook, but Instagram gives you better organic reach 

With 2.2 billion users, Facebook doubles Instagram’s 1.1 billion users and has the potential of up to 25% more reach than Instagram. However, engagement with brands is ten times higher on Instagram than on Facebook. Instagram also has a better organic reach for unpaid content than Facebook. Features like hashtags, suggestions for you, explore, etc, can push content. These minor details are important for your social media marketing success. 


If you are targeting teenagers, Instagram is better. If you are targeting adults, Facebook might be better

Current research shows that teenagers are no longer using Facebook as before. They are now gravitating towards Instagram and Snapchat. While many teens still retain their Facebook profiles, they use Instagram for brand identification and engagement. However, Facebook’s popularity with adults remains unwavering. Among adults aged 55 and above, Facebook remains the dominant social media platform. If your product targets all age groups, then Facebook is your best bet. 


Facebook has a higher click-through-rate (CTR) than Instagram

According to Social Insider, Facebook ads have an average CTR of 3.06%, while on Instagram, the average CTR is only 0.68%. Facebook is the oldest social media platform, and they created social media ads. It is no surprise that its algorithms encourage more click-throughs. Facebook also has a better placement for ads. It encourages more clicks. 


If your product is visual, use Instagram

If you are selling very visual products, you should use Instagram. It is designed to bring photo and video-based content to life. If your organization has visual content, then you should use Instagram. However, if you are offering content like webinars/seminars and written content, Facebook will serve you better. You can also add promotional landing pages and direct links. These features are not allowed on Instagram. 


Facebook offers better targeting and more insight 

Facebook offers better targeting and a more extensive ad performance report. With Facebook, you can get great results from your ads with improved and more efficient targeting. Also, the data from the results can help you improve your ads and make them more effective. 


Our expert opinion?

You should combine both Facebook ads and Instagram ads for an effective social media marketing campaign. Use the two platforms simultaneously and measure your results. If anything, it will show you which platform resonates more with your business. If you get better results from your Facebook ads, you should put more resources into Facebook ads and vice versa. Calculate your cos-per-click to determine which one to stick with.

Let us help you get the best results from your paid social media ads

Hi there, we are The Owlet! We are a social media marketing agency that wants to help you boost your business and increase your revenue. We can help you effectively maximize and manage your social media ads with our result-driven approach. Let us help you increase your leads, drive up revenue, boost sales, and achieve whatever goal you have for your social media space.


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