Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads

Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads

5 things you need to know (+ our expert opinion)

Sister brands Facebook and Instagram are very different in many ways, and this should be considered when drawing up a social media advertising strategy. If you have a social media advertising budget and you are struggling with resource allocation, here are a few things you need to know.

You can reach the maximum number of people on Facebook, but Instagram gives you better organic reach 

With 2.2 billion users, Facebook doubles Instagram’s 1.1 billion users and has the potential of up to 25% more reach than Instagram. However, engagement with brands is ten times higher on Instagram than on Facebook. Instagram also has a better organic reach for unpaid content than Facebook. Features like hashtags, suggestions for you, explore, etc, can push content. These minor details are important for your social media marketing success. 


If you are targeting teenagers, Instagram is better. If you are targeting adults, Facebook might be better

Current research shows that teenagers are no longer using Facebook as before. They are now gravitating towards Instagram and Snapchat. While many teens still retain their Facebook profiles, they use Instagram for brand identification and engagement. However, Facebook’s popularity with adults remains unwavering. Among adults aged 55 and above, Facebook remains the dominant social media platform. If your product targets all age groups, then Facebook is your best bet. 


Facebook has a higher click-through-rate (CTR) than Instagram

According to Social Insider, Facebook ads have an average CTR of 3.06%, while on Instagram, the average CTR is only 0.68%. Facebook is the oldest social media platform, and they created social media ads. It is no surprise that its algorithms encourage more click-throughs. Facebook also has a better placement for ads. It encourages more clicks. 


If your product is visual, use Instagram

If you are selling very visual products, you should use Instagram. It is designed to bring photo and video-based content to life. If your organization has visual content, then you should use Instagram. However, if you are offering content like webinars/seminars and written content, Facebook will serve you better. You can also add promotional landing pages and direct links. These features are not allowed on Instagram. 


Facebook offers better targeting and more insight 

Facebook offers better targeting and a more extensive ad performance report. With Facebook, you can get great results from your ads with improved and more efficient targeting. Also, the data from the results can help you improve your ads and make them more effective. 


Our expert opinion?

You should combine both Facebook ads and Instagram ads for an effective social media marketing campaign. Use the two platforms simultaneously and measure your results. If anything, it will show you which platform resonates more with your business. If you get better results from your Facebook ads, you should put more resources into Facebook ads and vice versa. Calculate your cos-per-click to determine which one to stick with.

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