How to get your business verified on Instagram

How to get your business verified on Instagram

What is an Instagram verification?

Instagram verification is simply an authentication or confirmation. It shows that a particular page belonging to a brand, celebrity, or business is authentic. Most social media platforms have verification badges. They are used to confirm that an account is trustworthy. It helps celebrities and global brands to stand out. Instagram verification also helps people that seek them out to know that this is their real page. A verification badge places a certain prestige on your business, and you can actually get it without being famous. Note that Instagram algorithms don’t particularly have any bias towards verified accounts. They simply post content that their audience likes!

How to get verified on Instagram

● Open your Instagram app and go to your profile

● Click on the three lines icon at the top right corner that looks like a hamburger

● Click on settings

● Click on account

● Click on request verification

You will have to fill out an application form with

● Your legal name

● Your “known as” or working name

You’ll then choose your category or industry (sports, news/media, business/brand/organization, blogger/influencer, etc.)

● A photo of your official government ID. This ID could be a driver’s license or passport for an individual. For a business, it could be a utility bill, an official business document, or tax filings.

Press send!

Instagram’s verification criteria

Instagram is pretty clear on its Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, and you must align with them. Your account must also be;

● Authentic; Your account must represent a real person, brand, or business entity.

● Unique; There must be only one verified account of that person on the platform, and that account must share the unique qualities of the business, brand, or person requesting the verification

● Public; The account must be visible to the public. Private accounts cannot request verification.

● Complete; Your profile must be complete. There must be a profile photo, a bio, and you must have at least one post up.

● Notable; Your account needs to be “well-known” and “well-searched for.”

Instagram’s verification usually takes about 30 days to come through. You might also be denied verification the first time, but don’t fret. After 30 days, you can reapply for it.

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