10 easy ways to increase the visibility of your small business

10 easy ways to increase the visibility of your small business

With millions of small businesses cropping up in every corner of the world, gaining visibility for your business is more important than ever. Especially with the emergence of the internet, there are now many easy ways business owners get people to notice their brands. Catching people’s attention online is no piece of cake by the way. There is a lot of content on the internet, how do you get your target audience to notice you? We curated ten tips to increase the visibility of your business.

10 easy ways to increase the visibility of your small business

● Optimize your Google My Business profile

● Build a website

● Create engaging content

● Don’t forget to get on social media

● Pay attention to SEO

● Try influencer marketing

● Invest in seminars and webinars

● Partner up

● Guest blogging

● Paid ads + social ads

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Optimize your Google My Business profile; GMB is a listing service that helps people find your business through searches. This means that your business is visible to Google. Prospective customers can find, know, and engage you from the search engine result page with this free listing. Take your time to fill in ALL the info they (GMB) need to make your business seen. Also, consistently upload new photos and new reviews to keep the page looking fresh. Provide as much quality information about your business as possible and make it as accurate and thorough as possible.

Build a website; Every business should have its website. A website is your business’s online identity. Also, your website will be connected to your optimized Google My Business profile to give you visibility. If you cannot afford to pay for a quality website, build one yourself. Customers can find you, know about you, schedule appointments, and make purchases via your website. A website gives your business credibility and helps to amplify your business.

Use The Owlette; Looking to get more eyes on your business? Want to be more visible to prospective clients? The Owlette is a digital marketplace that allows you to buy and sell goods and services from anywhere in the world. The platform aims to connect business owners to prospective clients, and you can leverage the platform to get your business more visibility. Download The Owlette App today and get started.

Create engaging content; If there is anything we have learned in our experience as social media marketers, it is that good content gets seen. Create good, relevant, and engaging content for your brand. Do this across social media and other marketing channels. Create insightful and informative content that makes you the go-to resource in your industry. Produce engaging blog, social media, email marketing, photo, and video content to get noticed.

Don’t forget to get on social media; Leverage the power of social media to get seen by people. Businesses are using social media to build brand awareness, and they are getting seen by more people than ever. Brands build awareness on social media and try to create a community with their followers. However, social media is no joke. It requires extensive expertise to establish and grow a brand online. You can enlist the help of The Owlet to help create and execute a successful social media marketing strategy for your business. With our services, you can get more visibility on social media and increase your business revenue. Download The Owlet app and get our best social media marketing packages!

Pay attention to SEO; Search engine optimization is your best foot forward if you aim for long-term visibility online. A good SEO strategy will put you in the first SERP when people are looking for your type of goods and services. SEO helps more people find you through search engine questions and queries. Get an SEO professional to optimize your content and web pages. It will help you get more traction for your business.

Try influencer marketing; Influencer marketing involves a brand collaborating with an online influencer to market its products/services. Influencers have a huge following, and brands want to advertise their business to these followers. Puma recently signed a deal with Davido as a brand ambassador, and the idea is to use him for influencer marketing. The singer has been seen rocking Puma outfits, training gear, and other brand material. This is how influencer marketing works.

An influencer doesn’t have to be a celebrity. He/she can be a model, comedian, photographer, blogger, podcaster, or even writer. The idea is to collaborate with influencers that have built a target audience that will be interested in your product/services.

Want to use influencer marketing to get your business seen? The Owlet offers influencer marketing services and can help you get more visible. Download The Owlet app to get started.

Invest in seminars and webinars; There are two ways you can use seminars to gain visibility. First of all, you can sponsor seminars that your target audience will attend and have your products/services advertised to get noticed. You can also attend local events that will attract your target audience and market your products/services to them directly. There are now several networking events where you can promote your business. Your network will expand, and your business will get seen. You can also organize and host an event if you are up for it. Your brand will be up in the limelight and get to meet prospective clients (leads).

Partner up; Find a company that sells a complementary product and partner up. If you sell dumbbells, you can find a brand that sells sports apparel to partner with. Cross-promotion can help both parties to get seen by new audiences. You can promote their products on your channels while they promote yours via their channels. In the end, both businesses are getting seen.

Guest blogging; Guest blogging involves writing for another company’s blog/website. It is a great way to get your brand seen by relevant audiences. It helps to attract visitors back to your website and build domain authority. Guest posting also helps to increase brand awareness and build a great relationship with peer brands.

Paid ads + social ads; You need paid ads and good organic search results to be seen online. Google Ads remains one of the best forms of online advertising in terms of ROI. You can also combine it with social media ads to get seen by a wider audience. With Facebook, you can create highly-targeted ads that increase brand awareness and leads. LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter also offer advertising features. If you don't understand how to use paid/social ads to increase your brand’s visibility, The Owlet has got you covered. Download The Owlet app and let us make advertising as easy as possible for you!

These straightforward and practical tips will help you enhance your brand’s visibility. They will help you find and connect with your target market without blowing your budget. They are easy and effective.

You should always test your results to see which strategies work best for you. Set goals that can measure easily. You can continuously evaluate results against your goals and tweak your strategies for improved results.

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