How to grow your business with Instagram paid ads

How to grow your business with Instagram paid ads

● Identify your objectives

● Identify your audience

● Choose ad type

● Monitor the numbers

Identify your objectives; You need a social media marketing strategy before advertising on Instagram. You need to ask yourself what you want to achieve with your Instagram ad. Do you want to increase your brand awareness or commercial purchases? Are you trying to drive traffic to your website? Set out a clear objective for your paid ad to achieve.

Identify your audience; Mapping out your audience is very important for more precise targeting with paid ads. It helps the ads to reach the people you need to reach. For example, if you run a bridal fashion line, it makes sense to target only women. It will be wasteful to target men with your paid ads for a bridal brand. You can also estimate that most women decide to get married between 19-40 and set the ads to target women within this age range. Using these parameters to define your ad will help it become more precise, and your ads will reach people that will take profitable action.

Choose ad type; When setting up a paid ad, you should remember that there are different ad formats you can use. They include photo ads, carousel ads, videos, Reels, etc. Photo ads, as the name suggests, are photos. They appear organically on your feed with the title “Sponsored”, while carousel ads are multiple photos in one photo ad. The difference is that carousel ads have more pictures, allowing customers to take different actions.

You can also use video ads to share your dynamic content. Package your content into high-quality videos, and you can use it for a good ad that will help you convert. Reels can help you catch more customers with viral content too. Instagram’s algorithm is beginning to favor videos as much as pictures. Instagram stories also have a massive reach, and you can reach your audience with an ad in between stories. Evaluate the different types of ads and choose which one works best for your business.

Monitor the numbers; Keep a close eye on the results of  your sponsored ads. Monitor your numbers and see where they are coming from. Also, watch the actions they are taking on your page. Even if your first ad is unsuccessful, the numbers can show you where you went wrong. You can then plan a more successful ad.

In conclusion

About 27% of social media users find new products and brands through paid social ads. Your business could be the new one that they will find. Use the steps above to create outstanding ads to help you reach your objectives as a business owner. Instagram ads can help you increase the number of people who see your post and broaden the audience you can organically reach. You should try it!

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